Business Case Competition

Adam Smith Business School

The organisers were looking to improve on previous years content with a short, snappy video that was designed to be under the 1.5-minute average viewing time of previous years content.  We additionally produced a short social media trailer linking to the longer form content.  Due to a focus on mobile for the social video, it was requested we produce this content in a square format, with captions, perfect for Instagram and mobile.

It was important to release video content sharply following the event and we organised completed videos within 48 hours.   We spent 8 hours on-site, with our video production crew in Glasgow at the Grosvenor Hilton capturing all of the content including event capture, interviews and general coverage of the day. 

With some weekend and late night editing, we had everything ready to view by Monday morning, making sure we leveraged all the positive energy and enthusiasm following the event.


SERVICES: Consultation, onsite video production and editing

OBJECTIVE: Engage audience within 48 hours after the event. Communicate event benefits to participating students

AUDIENCE: University of Glasgow students, Alumni and partner organisations

CHANNELS: Social Media, email newsletter and university website

OUTPUT: 1 x Event Highlight & 1 x Social Video

STYLE: Event promotion and social video

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