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Bikepacking Scotland

Bikepacking Scotland is the idea of Markus Stitz, who most recently cycled around the world on a singlespeed bike. On and off road, through 26 different countries and over massive mountains Markus came back to Scotland with the urge to develop bikepacking and make it more accessible for everyone.

Scotland has a vast network of heritage paths, purpose-built mountain bike trails, bothys, pubs, quiet roads and cycle paths; the perfect ingredients for a great bikepacking adventure. 


These projects were created to help Bikepacking Scotland promote the new routes and its services to those how live in and visit Scotland.


Members of the general public in Scotland and around the world interested in a unique form of travel and holiday.


Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN.

The Reiver Raid

Dunoon Dirt Dash

Dunoon Dirt Dash Social Version

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